The End.

The end.

At the time of writing, the installation on the 4th plinth in London's Trafalgar Square is by Heather Phillipson. It will feature in the north-western edge of the iconic square until Spring 2022.

THE END is not about one particular end.

Phillipson feels her installation is a comment on: “Post-Brexit, pre-Trump politics. It was about the way we as a society were going. It is about the state and surveillance. The cream was about instability. It is usually exuberant but it is nutritionally deficient.”

THE END offers a fly's eye view from a drone mounted on a highly laquered cherry that tops a 30ft swirl of whipped cream.

In keeping with the dystopian sentiment, the drone footage increasingly displays an often empty square. The once bustling hotspot has been emptied of it's many tourists and Londoners as the coronavirus pandemic ensues.