Covid-19 has ‘changed everything’ is the repeated mantra of 2020. While from a personal perspective not everything has changed, it has been strange to have not walked upon a foreign land and to have been distanced from so many family and friends for so long and to have not attended the large social events that one would expect over the course of the year.

Despite all of this, one of the highlights of 2020 will have been the opportunity to have connected more with nature and the world around me. These images capture the green of my garden’s Phyllostachys nigra.

Image of Phyllostachys nigra by MrPKalu
Phyllostachys nigra (Bamboo) leaves by MrPKalu

The green of the grounds of Blenheim Palace at the end of a working day, the woodland cycle rides with the family and the apples ahead of harvest.

Roll on autumn and what that may bring in these strange times.

Blenheim Palace view at dusk
Blenheim Palace Cycle by MrPKalu
Woodland cycle ride during ‘lockdown’ by MrPKalu
Apples in the garden of MrPKalu
Apples in the garden of MrPKalu