A different kind of New Year's Eve

Even the most wild or outlandish predictions on the course of 2020 would have run aground by March.

Every year is by definition unique but 2020 and the COVID legacy are likely to be felt for the coming decade.

I wrote at the start of 2020 that life is as complicated as we make it. Coronavirus has enforced absolutely the opposite. I re-entered the world of cycling. Understood the saying that the best camera is the one that you have and enjoyed exercising in the great outdoors. I appreciated the quiet that came with not attending social functions and my family ties. Oh and I have truly broken my coffee shop habit in favour of a simple ground and brewed cup from my own bialetti.

I hope everyone has a quiet and safe New Year's Eve 2020 and we are able to return to a post-Corona world as rapidly as vaccines can deliver it.

Run by MrPKalu Westbourne Grove Mews
Metallic noel artwork
Noel Star metallic artwork